PG电子试玩平台 Fact Book and At a Glance

PG电子试玩平台APP的 Institutional 研究 and Assessment division produces annual publications that outline statistical information about Temple. View the most current publications or view prior publications of each.


Institutional 研究 and Assessment also produces compliance reports such as the 通用数据集 for the current and previous years.


Budgetary and Financial

The Right-to-know disclosure is required for all state-related universities by Pennsylvania’s Right-to-know Law. Included below are links to the Gateway to Finance Right-to-know data sets, which provide detailed reports including PG电子试玩平台’s annual IRS 990 forms for this year and the past seven years. The state also requires PG电子试玩平台 to disclose the 25 highest paid non-officers at the university, which is listed under selected salary information. Additional information includes our annual operating budget, appropriation requests and audited financial statements for the last seven years. For complete budgetary and financial Right-to-Know reports, visit the Gateway to Finance website or follow any link below to be redirected.

The following documents can be accessed in the Right-to-Know information 在PG电子试玩平台APP的 Gateway to Finance website, including Right-to-Know information for fiscal year ending June 30, 2022.


Joint State Report for Fiscal Year 2014–2015 [PDF] - Required by Sections 5 and 6 of Act 12A (July 4, 2008)

Voluntary System of Accountability

PG电子试玩平台 participates in the Voluntary System of Accountability (VSA), a program designed to provide greater accountability for public colleges and universities. In 2018, the VSA program transitioned from offering one external reporting tool (the College Portrait website) to a broader and more flexible set of tools designed to advance institutional data capacity. View more information about the VSA